4 Ways to Stay Fit While Studying or Working

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price 2. Enroll in a class of physical activity.

Had enough of classes? You won’t regret this one! Try cycling, dancing, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, rock climbing.

In a fitness class, you receive instruction that will help you learn technique that will prevent injury and maximise fitness progress. Furthermore, you will make new friends who will keep you accountable and increase your motivation in getting fit. Consistency is important when getting fit, and regular weekend classes offer a regular form of exercise.





http://kamagrakaufenin.accountant kamagra kaufen 3. Volunteer in projects.

Volunteer in local projects to boost your mood, your level of physical activity and your connections to people with similar mindsets to you.

Volunteering improves your skills and knowledge in the long term – a person can practice team work skills, leadership skills, public speaking skills, organisation skills and communication skills.

What kind of volunteering should I do?

Time to ask some hard questions:

1. Do you want to work with adults, children, animals or alone (from home)?

2. Do you want to strengthen your current skills and knowledge? Or create new skills and knowledge?

3. Do you want to see a different way of life and explore new places? Or stay in a local area?

4. Do you want to volunteer in a project that will give you skills and knowledge for future work opportunities?

5. How much time can you contribute to the project?

Find volunteering opportunities in Australia with Govolunteer.com.au




4. Grow your own food

Growing your own food gets you moving (growing your food is quite physically demanding!), encourages you to eat more healthily and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Growing your food is also cheaper in the long run, although the initial investment is large: you need clear our debris from your garden and buy seeds or seedlings, soil, fertiliser, mulch and garden tools. Look on the bright side: You will get fit from this project and you will gain a sense of self-efficacy and independence. 

You do not need a large garden. You can grow organic vegetables and herbs in polystyrene boxes (which you can get for free) filled with cheap potting mix.

If you do have a large garden, there is a very readable and informative guide by Nillumbik Shire Council in Victoria.

An alternative to building your own (mini) farm is to contribute to a farm with other people. Find your nearest garden with Community Foods or start your own in your area at Community Garden.


What is your story, what is your future?

We don’t compromise – and neither should you. Seek the best mentoringavailable to you with Top Notch Learning See if their courses are right for you today.

khasiat obat cialis 20 mg P.S. Let us know your thoughts, comments or questions below!

  • Sithembile Eugenia

    This is my goal next year, as we are coming out of summer here in UK, i love your suggestions, they increase one self esteem, health, creativity and happy at the end of the day, i feel i could benefit on doing some volunteering, i am interested in organic home grown food… yoga and dancing is going to be my winter escape zone

  • Amy Peterson

    I love all these recommendations. Volunteering is a fun way to stay active without even realizing you’re doing anything… especially if you’re doing something you’re passionate about. Also, getting out and exploring either your town or nearby towns is such a fun way of connecting with your community as well as sneaking ‘fun’ exercise in. Great article!

    • Your welcome @imacarin1:disqus we hope you have found these tips useful.